About Max Sviridov's Clay Studio and clay animation

 Clay Studio of Max Sviridov is the only studio in Russia that is professionally engaged in large-scale clay animation production. Max Sviridov is the head of the Studio. The Studio has been producing clay animation since 1995. 90% of Russian clay animation is being made in our Studio. We produce 3D and Full HD clay animation using unique modern technologies and advanced computer programs. Modern animation technique is similar to that used in "Avatar" - all the characters are individually filmed against either blue or green background and then inserted into separately made clay worlds by means of montage. Now our animation can be commissioned for many production studios and agencies all around the world. European audience knows some of our works, such as Dolobene cream commercial (Ratiofarm), a number of anti-drug promos, "Tikkurila" paint commercial. In all, our studio has produced about 15 clay animation commercials, 9 clips, 2 full-length animation movies, 27 break bumpers and logos for TV. Total running time of our animation is about 250 minutes! In 1998, political clip "Janitor" was strongly rejected by all TV channels for a disparaging and derogatory portrayal of President Yeltsin and his political environment. Presently our studio is engaged in production of an animation series "Kuzmitch", which already numbers 177 episodes. Our studio has participated in many international film festivals and has won 8 prestigious awards.


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