Clay Studio of Sviridov Max

Clay Studio of Sviridov Max (russian - Пластилиновая студия Свиридова Макса, translated as Plastilinovaya studiya Sviridova Maksa) is a Russian animation studio based in Moscow. Over the years it has gained international attention and respect, garnering 8 awards both at home and abroad. Special emphasis in the clay animation techniques. 90% Clay animation, produced in Russia makes Clay Studio of Sviridov Max. It is currently creative director of Studio Max Sviridov (born August 11, 1975) is a Russian animation director, screenwriter and Film producer and Film director. In 1995 he founded his own studio. The studio is currently making a full-length cartoons, animated series "Kuzmich", music videos, broadcast design, advertising and children's animation


Kate-Video (intro)  (1995)

HZ - Ebenefis (film-concert of musical group H.Z.) (1996)

Ado (group) - Behave yourself (music video group ADO) (1996)

Home (TV channel) - Hit Parade 31 (intro, Channel 31) (1996)

Korolev, Victor - Bazar Station (music video singer Viktor Korolev) (1997)

Tikkurila  (a series of commercials Finnish paint) (1997.1998)

Barbash Elena - in the North! (Music video singer E. Barbash) (1998)

TVC - S utra popozzhe (intro, channel TVC) (1999)

Fomenko Nikolai - Songs with Fomenko (intro, NTV +) (1999)

Murka (music video singer Brian) (2000)

Kuzmich (series) (2000-present)

RTR - Bolshoi vopros (intro, channel RTR) (2001)

Total (band) - Beats on eyes (music video of Total) (2001)

The Great Race - Big Race (intro) (2001)

Sesame Street  (Children program) (2003,2005,2006)

Shurochka - In an orange grove (music video singer Shurochka) (2004)

Gorbachev, Mikhail - Our Gorby (intro, NTV) (2004)

Drugs - Series anti-drug advertising (2007)

Indigo (an insurance company, Ukraine)  (2008)



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